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Setting up your CMP

All configuration for your CMP and Banner solution will be available in our Configuration Dashboard.

Once logged in, please select a Configuration. This will take you to the Configuration dashboard:


Here you will find the mandatory fields:

  • Data Controller: Name of legal entity collecting consent.
  • App-ID: "Bundle ID" (iOS) or "Package Name" (Android) of app in which SDK will be integrated. Multiple entries are allowed.

and Language Settings:

  • Language Settings: Languages that will be available when adding translations.
  • Visible Languages: Languages the CMP will support and will be available in the language toggle.

Select a legal framework:

  • GDPR: Enabled by default.
  • CCPA: Enable via toggle.
  • TCF 2.0: Enable via toggle.

Additional settings are available for each legal framework.

  • Resurface CMP: Define in which scenarios the CMP should be displayed again to users, based on updates done to the configuration or services.

Find an overview of all changes done to the CMP configuration:

  • Version: CMP configuration version.
  • Latest Update: Date when the change was done.
  • User: Person who made the change.

Service Settings

A Data Processing Service (DPS) represents a specific framework, technology or SDK running on your application.

There are 3 ways to add a DPS:

  • Add DPS via Database: Search for a DPS on our database, we already support the majority of frameworks. e.g. Google Firebase, Adjust, Unity Ads, etc.
  • Create Custom Service: If you have custom technologies or a DPS is not available on the database, you can create your own.
  • Customize Predefined Service: Create your own DPS, starting with an already existing template.

Bundle Data Processing Services in Categories for easier user overview:

  • Categories for Marketing, Functional and Essential are set by default, but you can create, modify and delete categories as you need.
  • All Data Processing Services need to be assigned to a category.


Customize the Layout of the CMP:

  • Hide "Deny All" Button: Hides the button that will disable all service. The customer can instead disable all services and Save.
  • Hide Language switch: Hides the language picker. You can relay on the language selection hierarchy to set a language instead. If only one language is available, language switch will not be shown.

Customize the style of the CMP:

  • Colors: Set colors for Tabs and Button Text and Background individually.
  • Font: Set fonts and size for the text of the CMP. Note that the device system needs to support the font in order for this setting to work, otherwise, please inject your font programmatically.
  • Logo: Provide a .png image URL that can be rendered at the top of the CMP. Position can also be edited.

Font and Logo can be overwriten when creating the Banner. See Customize the Banner


Define content and links for the Banner's First Layer:

  • Title: Header title of First Layer.
  • Banner Message: Use this space to clarify why you need to track user data and what kind of data you are tracking.
  • Imprint & Privacy Links: Provide links to your legal documents. Links & titles can be edited, if you would like to expose other links.

Define content for the Banner's Second Layer:

  • Title: Header title of Second Layer.
  • Description: Use this space to provide a description of the services you use and their purpose.

Customize and provide translations:

  • Buttons: Edit the labels and add translations to all action buttons in the CMP.
  • History: Edit the labela and add translations to history entries found in each service description.


These dasboards will give you an overview of your user's behaviour:

  • Displays: Times the banner has been shown.
  • Interactions: Times users have saved consent in any direction.
  • Ignores: Displays - Interactions. This number needs to be interpreted depending on your configuration.

The second dashboard "User Acceptance" will give you a distribution of the type of interactions customers had with your banner. e.g. Accept, Deny, Custom.

Get a comparison board to segregate users consent by country, device type and even banner layer.

Overview the Opt-in rates on a monthly basis:

  • Use the reports to monitor your opt-in rates and for initiation of optimization measurements of your CMP.
  • Understand which services your users opt-in versus reject.
  • These analytics are based on the consent stored, not the user interaction. Default consent values will have high influence on these numbers.

Do you need further help?

See our Customer Support Portal