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Unity Event API


Subscribe to any consent updated event that happens within Usercentrics SDK This API is meant for third-parties, that need to pull consent from the Usercentrics SDK.

Usercentrics.Instance.SubscribeOnConsentUpdated((consentEvent) => {
    // Handle consentEvent


Property Type Notes
consents UsercentricsServiceConsent List of Services with consent choices.
controllerId String A Usercentrics generated ID, used to identify a specific user. See Restore User Session
tcString String IAB's Transparency & Consent String
uspString String IAB's US Privacy String


Property Type Notes
templateId String ID used to match a service with frameworks running on your app.
status Bool Consent status given to this specific service.
dataProcessor String Name of entity processing the data that was collected via this service.
version String Legal template version. See Service Settings.

Dispose Listener

Dispose any subscription to this API.