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Building your own UI

Only for IAB TCF 2.0 certified customers

Currently you can only use this solution if you are building a Banner that adheres to the IAB's TCF 2.0 Standard. For this you will need to be certified as a CMP by the IAB.

Use our Data Source and Action Delegates to fetch all the information you need to build you Banner, and add functionality.

Data Source

//Fetch Banner properties to build you UI
var firstLayerSettings = Usercentrics.Instance.GetFirstLayerSettings();
var title = firstLayerSettings.title;
var description = firstLayerSettings.description;
// see below the full list of fields available

// IAB's TCF Data
Usercentrics.Instance.GetTCFData((tcfData) => {
    var purposes = tcfData.purposes;
    var specialPurposes = tcfData.specialPurposes;
    var features = tcfData.features;
    var specialFeatures = tcfData.specialFeatures;
    var stacks = tcfData.stacks;
    var vendors = tcfData.vendors;
    var tcString = tcfData.tcString;

Content Mapping

First Layer SDK Property
1. First layer title firstLayerSettings.title
2. First layer description firstLayerSettings.description
3. First layer additional Info firstLayerSettings.additionalInfo
4. First layer resurface note firstLayerSettings.resurfaceNote
5. Vendorlist link title firstLayerSettings.vendorListLinkTitle
6. Manage settings link title firstLayerSettings.manageSettingsLinkTitle
7. Label purposes firstLayerSettings.purposesLabel
8. Label features firstLayerSettings.featuresLabel
Buttons SDK Property
1. Accept all button title firstLayerSettings.acceptAllButton
2. Deny all button title firstLayerSettings.denyAllButton
3. Save button title firstLayerSettings.saveButton
Vendors SDK Property
1. Label title
2. Purpose Name vendor.purposes[n].[findByPurposeId].name
3. Legitimate Interest Purpose name vendor.legitimateInterestPurposes[n].[findByPurposeId].name
4. Special purpose name vendor.specialPurposes[n].[findByPurposeId].name
5. Feature name vendor.features[n].[findByPurposeId].name
6. Special Feature name vendor.specialFeatures[n].[findByPurposeId].name
7. Cookie refresh value vendor.cookieRefresh
8. Cookie Age value vendor.cookieMaxAgeSeconds
9. Cookie storage value vendor.usesCookie
10. Non-cookie storage value vendor.usesNonCookieAccess
Purposes SDK Property
1. Label title
2. Legitimate interest consent purpose.legitimateInterestConsent
3. Legal Description purpose.descriptionLegal
4. Purpose Description purpose.purposeDescription
5. Consent purpose.consent
Special Purposes SDK Property
1. Label title
2. Legal Description specialPurpose.descriptionLegal
3. Purpose Description purpose.purposeDescription
Features SDK Property
1. Label title
2. Legitimate interest consent feature.legitimateInterestConsent
3. Legal Description feature.descriptionLegal
Special Features SDK Property
1. Label title
2. Consent specialFeature.consent
3. Description specialFeature.purposeDescription
4. Legal Description specialFeature.descriptionLegal
Stacks SDK Property
1. Label title
3. Description stack.description
3. Purposes stack.purposeIds
4. Special Features stack.specialFeatureIds


When building your own TCF 2.0 CMP, it is required to have your CMP UI design certified by the IAB. Once certified, you will need to provide your CMP ID as follows:


Action Delegates

In order to collect consent, we have provided the following two functions:

Accept All


Deny All


Interaction Analytics

To gather events in the Usercentrics analytics dashboard the following API is provided to track the available events:



Event Notes
CmpShown The banner was displayed to the user. It doesn't matter which layer.
AcceptAllFirstLayer The Accept All button was pressed from the first layer.
DenyAllFirstLayer The Deny All button was pressed from the first layer.
SaveFirstLayer The Save button was pressed from the first layer. Save is mainly used for granular decisions.
AcceptAllSecondLayer The Accept All button was pressed from the second layer.
DenyAllSecondLayer The Deny All button was pressed from the second layer.
SaveSecondLayer The Save button was pressed from the second layer. Save is mainly used for granular decisions.
ImprintLink The Imprint link/button was pressed.
MoreInformationLink The More Information link/button was pressed. This button is usually used to navigate from first layer to second layer.
PrivacyPolicyLink The Privacy policy link/button was pressed.

Continue to Apply Consent

Now, it is fundamental that the user's privacy choices are applied to the 3rd party SDKs on you App. Please continue to Apply Consent.