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2.10.3 - November 16, 2023

  • Accessibility: Various issues have been addressed to enhance accessibility.

    • Resolved banner compatibility issues with iOS VoiceOver.
    • Resolved banner compatibility issues with Android TalkBack.
    • Adjusted font sizes to comply with Accessibility requirements on both iOS and Android.
  • Added Ukrainian support language for TCF.

  • Fixed the issue of not disclosing the setting "showCloseButton" has been addressed, preventing errors on Android.
  • Fixed the crash on Android when passing an invalid controller id to restore the user session.
  • Fixed The issue of the remote variant configuration not being used in first layer on Unity.

2.10.0 - October 25, 2023

  • 🚀 New Consent Mediation Event API! Now you can programatically track which SDKs were mediated by Usercentrics 🎉
  • 🚀 New Customization API for Unity is now in Beta! Use our API, to create advance banner designs and run-time variants. You can now, customise the top banner image, select layout of the banner, customise the title and customise the action buttons. This also unlocks features like A/B Testing 🎉
  • ⚠ Important Note: the API to get the Apple Tracking Transparency status has been renamed to GetAuthorizationStatus. Please note that this API is used only to returns the status.
  • Minor UI fixes
  • Fixed the support for multiple orientations, as previously the buttons at times were not rendered with the best UX on iOS

2.9.0 - October 04, 2023

  • 🚀 Full TCF 2.2 Support: As the industry shifts to TCF 2.2 (deadline: November 20, 2024), we are pleased to announce that SDK Version 2.9.0 now offers comprehensive support for this new industry standard.
  • ⚠ Important Note: Please be aware that this version is incompatible with TCF 2.0. Before upgrading to V 2.9.0, ensure a smooth transition to TCF 2.2 following the guidelines:

  • How to migrate from TCF v2.0 to TCF v2.2

  • Updated Global Vendor List: We've transitioned to Global Vendor List v3 to align with industry standards.
  • Legitimate Interest: To enhance transparency and privacy, purposes 3 to 6 have been removed, and purpose 11 has been introduced.
  • Improved User Interface: We've made enhancements to the banner's second layer for a better user experience.
  • Vendor Count Display: Users can now easily see the total count of IAB and non-IAB vendors.
  • New Resurface Requirements: We've implemented new resurfacing requirements to keep your CMP compliant with the latest standards.
  • Localisation Support: Since our ATT solution supports localisation, we enhanced it to avoid conflicts with internationalisation plugins that customers may use
  • ATT authorisation Status: it is now possible to retrieve the current Apple Tracking Transparency permission status
  • Removed the "Is ATT enabled" checkbox in order to use our ATT Manager prefab

2.8.7 - August 31, 2023

  • Solved general issues

2.8.6 - August 28, 2023

  • Renamed iOS auxiliary methods in order to avoid clash with other plugins
  • Solved general issues

2.8.5 - August 16, 2023

  • ⚠ Breaking change ⚠ New App Tracking Transparency Framework (ATT) API, check out the new documentation on how to support it on your game here
  • Beta: Static Linkage support for iOS
  • Exposing User Location, check out the documentation here 🎉
  • UI small issues on iOS (labels being cut, when they have long values)
  • Fixed Deprecated DPS being shown
  • Solved general issues

2.8.4 - July 18, 2023

  • New GetCmpData API, check out the documentation here 🎉
  • Enabled support for Hide Data Processing Services
  • Added a "default" label into consent history entries, when it was given implicitly
  • onConsentUpdated event is not triggered after initialization
  • Banner reshow logic
  • Consent mediation improvements
  • Solved general issues

2.8.0 - May 10, 2023

  • Support US Frameworks
  • Supporting Limited Fields in Service Descriptions.
  • Remove deprecated method (showFirstLayer(layout: UsercetricsLayout))
  • Improvements in accessibility.
  • Custom UI objects are getting the latest values.
  • Mediation issues
  • Solved general issues

2.7.15 - March 30, 2023

  • Enabling PUR customisation properties
  • Solve general issues
  • Solve issue when switches were showing the wrong value on iOS when pressing too many times repeatedly
  • Solve issue when toggles were showing on second layer even though they were disabled
  • Solve issue where the first time the app was initialized using the method getTCString, the TCString comes out empty
  • Fixed issue where DPSs accepted by default did not appear as accepted when opening second layer